Chongqing Zein Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, established in 2001, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical product as well as related health services, mainly engages in chemicals, API, final product and medical apparatus business.
Through years' endeavor, ZEIN has developed into a novel pharmaceutical enterprise with strong economic strength and a wide range of business.
With the strong technical support of our R&D center, we've got 33 New Drug Certificates, 32 Clinical Licenses and 51 Production Licenses Approved by SFDA, and applied for 20 domestic patents and5 International Patents.
While meets domestic cGMP and GSP standard, ZEIN develops many new drugs such as "YASU” (orlistat capsule), SAIGEEN" (Tropisetron Hydrochloride for Injection), etc. which with good efficacy, unique dosage and first launched in China. Products under R&D and marketing covering some important therapeutic areas Oncology, Digestive system, CNS system, Allergy system, Cardiovascular system, Metabolism system and others.
As the main products, Orlistat and Suplatast Tosilate have absolute competitive advantages in process, specifications, and quality control.
We always devoted to the research of the Orlistat’s full synthesis technology and built up a full synthetic route of Orlistat with own intellectual property, which differs from Roche’s. This synthetic route and key technique owned by ZEIN has been authorized with two national patents of invention. We awarded DMF number of Orlistat from FDA on May 2011.
Thanks to the integrated and stringent system of quality control and quality assurance, the company got cGMP certificate for Orlistat in China, please refer to annex 2 for Orlistat GMP certificate. Sales Network of Orlistat covers Iran, Egypt, South America, Russia, Netherlands, Korea, India , Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan etc. 
New API site (CHANGSHOU CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL PARK) and FDF site (Hi-tech Park in northern District of Chongqing) are building and the total area of new API site is about 82,000m2.
Now ZEIN is developing rapidly by continually improving quality of both products and services, optimizing management and innovating in all aspects of its enterprise.


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